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Sweet Spot – Something Different Cake Couture

There’s cake couture, and there is Something Different Cake Couture. Maureen Girard is a master cake stylist that specializes in edible works of art stemming from her background in painting and sculpting.

1. How did Something Different Cake Couture come to be?

Somewhat by accident. I met a Chef from Johnson & Wales Culinary school and she took an interest in my new interest in cake decorating. I told her I had an Art background (painting and sculpturing) and she thought I would enjoy seeing what could be done with cake and fondant icing. One thing led to another and from there I took classes from some very talented people and my business grew.

2. Do you only offer cakes or other desserts as well?

Mainly I offer cakes for ALL  occasions, not just weddings.  I also offer cupcakes, and decorated sugar cookies.

3. What is trending in cake design/dessert tables?

I’ll be honest, it depends on the client, what may be trending they don’t always gravitate towards. Drip cakes, marble fondant designs, geode designs have been trending since 2017 and have continued through 2018. I’m also seeing a lot of black and gold and painted on cakes! I don’t do a large number of dessert tables, but I do wedding cakes along with cupcakes and cookie combinations.

4. Do you have any signature flavors? 

Pink Champagne is the favorite!

5. Fondant vs. Buttercream… which do you favor? 

I prefer fondant (with butter cream is underneath!) because it’s such a versatile medium to work with, so much that you can do with it , on it. etc.

Cake photo by: James Anthony Photography