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Bliss Celebrations Guide


Haute Halloween

Happy Halloween, all! We thought in lieu of the traditional costume party, we'd share some ideas for an dark dinner where you could enjoy with friends, then watch a movie or go out on the town.  

Bliss tips:

  • Layering blacks with dark brown, dark raspberry or midnight blue, and even dark green will give a richer, more luxurious feeling.  Start with the table linen, the work your way up to the chargers, plates, napkin, menu, all the way to the food! 
  • Matte black spray paint works well to get many of the looks here, Check out the Sweet Paul spread for more ideas on that.
  • Candles, candles and more candles!  You can't have enough especially on a night like Halloween! 
  • Look online for resources, we found many of these on Pinterest and there were tons more to be found, especially for things like "labels" for bottles and signage.  
  • Things like feathers, driftwood, even leaves can all add to the ambiance, just forage in your backyard or on your morning walk.

Haute HalloweenHaute HalloweenHaute HalloweenHaute HalloweenHaute Halloween