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Vendor Spotlight: Farrissey Floral Design

Rachael Sirois, floral designer and owner of Farrissey Floral Design has been surrounded by flowers for most of her life! From her grandmother’s garden to mother & grandmother’s catering company, Rachael has extensive experience in creating beautiful arrangements that rival works of art.

1. How did Farrissey Floral Design come to be? 

My (now) husband and I were moving back to Massachusetts after living in New York. I worked for a clothing company in the city and wanted a job that gave me a similar balance between the creative and business aspects. The current “flower revolution” had just started, showcasing  the more natural, organic look, using seasonal flowers —I was inspired! I had always loved flowers, as I had grown up helping my grandmother arrange them, so I decided to go for it and start my business! The name Farrissey is from my mom and grandparents’ catering company (my mother’s maiden name).

2. What is currently trending in wedding floral design? 

One thing I am seeing more of recently that I have always loved is smaller bouquets. I love a bouquet that the bride can hold with one hand, and that allows the guests to focus their attention on her, not so much the flowers. The flowers are important of course, but they should showcase the bride, not distract from her.  We saw Meghan Markle’s petite bouquet of astilbe, sweet peas, and forget me knots just this week – what’s prettier than that?!

3. Where do you source your flowers from? 

I have a few terrific vendors that I use that range from Boston to local farms. It’s important to me to use locally sourced flowers whenever possible, but Holland, South America, and Japan grow undeniably beautiful flowers as well and those definitely work their way into my designs.

4. Which flowers are in season for Spring/Summer? 

Some of my absolute favorites are available through Spring and early Summer! Sweet peas are probably at the top of my list (which is a very long list). They smell great and are the perfect addition to bouquets, adding a soft bit of movement with the most delicate stem, easily worked in. Lilac, peonies, ranunculus, lily of the valley, and anemones are up there as well and are all great Spring/ Summer flowers that I incorporate into my designs whenever possible.

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