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Vendor Spotlight On: Marc Hall Design

This week’s Vendor Spotlight is on Marc Hall Design; known for their dramatically beautiful floral sculptures, installations, and creations.

1. How did your business come to be?

As I was contemplating my tenure as creative director of Winston flowers, I wanted to experience more creatively than the brand would allow and after resigning in November of 2010, I contemplated my options…

Some clients I had worked with during my time there and others that I had been producing work for prior to my position for the Winston brothers reached out with out-of-the-box projects. Some were garden design projects, others interior design projects and staging along with a couple of corporate and wedding inquiries. I decided to look for an office of sorts after 3 months of accepting the jobs and actively working on them. I needed and wanted to get out of my loft where I live to add more structure to my work. I registered my business name, Marc Hall Design, because I wanted to continue to pursue design projects and challenges that were outside the realm of events albeit I do love the event industry.

I first searched for a design house that could produce my flowers for me, but I felt there wasn’t a qualified floral company that existed who understood my approach. By default, I began importing my own flowers and developing relationships with domestic growers along with supplementing product with local brokers at flower exchange here in Boston.

I eventually found an abandoned space within an old turn-of-the-last-century mill — we actually brought daylight into the space for the first time since the 40’s!

2. What are the services you offer?

Marc Hall Design is a diverse design firm that offers concierge services to clients looking to enhance their lives with a celebration of one of life’s moments (invitations, decor, florals, furniture rentals, lighting design plans, stages, dance floors, tents CAD drawings, site visits, complementary prototype meetings, designing gardens, outdoor living spaces, accessorizing interiors and projects of the like.

3. Where are you located and how far will you travel to provide your service?

We are located in the historical district of the south end neighborhood. We can travel and have traveled globally to provide product and our services to a dichotomous client.

4. How far in advance do you recommend clients to book?

For event design work we recommend 6 months to a year in advance and I would have to recommend if you’re planning an event in high season, that you even call on us 2 years in advance.

What is one piece of advice you always give to brides?

I don’t just give them one piece — I offer the whole pie! In a way I’m being facetious, but honestly, we are so thorough with providing our perspective and engaging the client with a high quality of knowledge, inspiration and experience. Trust and respect for the design team you are considering to work with are paramount and we always encourage our clients to be forthcoming with their financial goals. It is so important to us to learn this from the start so that every meeting is productive and that we are presenting ideas and concepts that are within their means.  In my opinion a huge injustice is done when the design team here cannot extract that number from a client prior to releasing an estimate and we end up presenting ideas that are lovely and exciting, but totally beyond their ceiling.

Photography: David Murray Weddings

Photography: David Murray Weddings

Photography: Clark Walker

Photography: Corinna Raznikov

Photography: Corinna Raznikov