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Vendor Spotlight On: Whim Events

The Vendor Spotlight is on Whim Events; a full-service event design firm specializing in planning, floral design, and event design.

1. How did your business come to be?

We started Whim on a beautiful day over coffee. Moira had arranged the florals for Natalie’s wedding, which Natalie promised to repay with marketing help. We met only once before, but there was an instant spark of mutual goals as we learned more about each other.

Moira attended art school. Struggling with learning disabilities as a child, Moira found floral design an art she naturally loved. After 7 years of working in floral shops, she developed her own floral philosophy and started a small flower business. Natalie spent 5 years in corporate marketing and events. She was unfulfilled and wanted to use her creativity in a personal way. We knew together, we could create artful and personal weddings for others. We dreamed up a new company that would hire local artists for events, where couples could get lost in the moments of love and beauty behind their wedding day. On a whim, our company was born.

2. What are the services you offer?

We offer full service event planning, styling and floral design studio in Charlestown, Massachusetts. Whim was created with the vision that planning an event can be fun, effortless as well as educational. Our exceptional staff of experienced and artful #whimen are always ready to dream up and produce the most unique of event wishes.  Our strong experience in design, budget creation, timeline development and project management guides couple in the decision-making process and ensures they are confident and in control of every single choice surrounding their wedding day. Our vision is to curate a celebration that shows who the couple is, and what their life together is all about. As in life, the journey should be as good as the destination, so planning a wedding should be as dreamy and fun as the day itself!

3. Where are you located and how far will you travel to provide your service?

We are located in Charlestown, MA and will travel all over New England to plan, produce and design weddings. We are also open to traveling outside of New England and love to explore new places!

4. How far in advance do you recommend clients to book?  

We recommend clients book their planner at the beginning of the wedding planning process, even before they select their venue! This way, we can help them build/understand their priorities, budget and ask the important venue questions! Typically clients for planning book us anywhere from 8months – 2 years before their weddings. For floral design, we book early, so we recommend 6-10 months prior to the wedding day!

5. What is one piece of advice you always give to brides? 

If you have been dreaming of your wedding day your whole life, why spend one second of your life stressing about it? Find the joy in planning, eat cake, try on pretty dresses, smell the flowers, and choose a vendor team that you absolutely love. Then leave the rest to that team. We’ve seen it first hand, the couples who trust their team and give up the work enjoy their wedding day the most! Additionally, we believe in the saying “You get what you pay for.” Wedding planning services may feel like a luxury at first, but honestly, it is a necessity that is worth every penny for your sanity!