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Vendor Spotlight is On: Sharon Morgera Calligraphy & Illustration

Vendor Spotlight is on Sharon Morgera Calligraphy & Illustration; with over 25 years in the business Sharon’s custom scripts and fonts are an art form like no other.

1. How did your business come to be?

I have been interested in creating art  my whole life and dabbled in calligraphy in high school.  When I moved to Newport, I was fortunate to meet and apprentice with world-renown bravura penman, Raphael Boguslav with the goal of perfecting my hand to begin taking on freelance projects.  Wedding calligraphy soon became my focus and I’ve been happily coordinating with brides and wedding planners for the past 30 years. In addition, I have worked toward a certificate program in Natural Science illustration at RISD so often include illustrations in my work.  Custom maps have become a popular item for events so I continue to enjoy drawing to that end as well.

2. What are the services you offer?

I offer hand lettering and illustration work for any occasion from invitations, envelope addressing, escort cards, mirrors to custom maps, menus and event guides. I hand mix my inks to coordinate with any color scheme and have several styles to choose from.  I can also create custom fonts if a bride has a style she is inspired by.

3. Where are you located and how far are you willing to travel?

I am located in Middletown, RI and am happy to travel anywhere I’m needed!

4. How far in advance do you recommend clients to book?

For a full invitation design, I ask for 3 months notice.  Custom maps generally take one month. For most other projects, 2 weeks is sufficient.  Ideally, once a bride knows she wants to commission me, I will put the work on my calendar in advance.

5. What advice do you always give to brides?

My advice to brides would be to make sure that her inspiration style is coordinated and discussed with anyone else in her family or wedding party that would have influence or an opinion so that by the time she commissions her invitation designer or calligrapher, everyone is in agreement.  That saves everyone time and expense once the project is underway.