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Photography Spotlight – Erin Mcginn

This week the Photography Spotlight is on Erin McGinn!

1. Tell us a little about yourself and how you started a career in photography.

After graduating URI with a degree in Marine Biology, I moved to San Diego for the most amazing three years, thinking about what comes next career wise (meanwhile shooting tons and tons of film in the beautiful surroundings), and started dating a friend of mine from URI.  He and I moved back to little Rhody together in 2006, as New England never left our hearts, and we missed our families and friends.  After a brief stint as a travel agent (and getting engaged in Prague!) I began working as an event planner for the renowned Longwood Events at Belle Mer in Newport, Rhode Island and planned 40 weddings and my own wedding in the same year (phew!).  Seeing my couple’s photos come back and immersing myself in weddings everyday through planning my own big event, I was sold that “marrying” my newfound passion for weddings and my long time love of photography was the career path I wanted.  While developing my skill set and completing RISD’s CE program in Digital Photography, I worked for Southern New England Weddings magazine as a blogger and editor, and then as a staff photographer, editor, and blogger for Bliss Celebrations which really helped me hone in on my eye for editorial based imagery, and helped create so many lasting relationships with vendors I love!

2. What is your style of photography?

I’m a natural light wedding photographer with a focus on editorial style imagery and fine art processing, striving for timeless, bright, and warm photographs.  With a unique background in event planning and as a magazine editor, I see not only moments, but details and design in order to tell a complete story.  I’m very laid back and easy breezy when it comes to working with my clients, I choose to look more for the natural, organic, intimate moments between the laughter and happy tears of the day, rather than intricate posing. I’m a minimalist and try to simplify everything for my clients and myself.  People who view my work often comment on how relaxed my clients look, and I think that has a lot to do with my focus on building relationships with them from the beginning, doing an engagement session, and being there not only for them on their wedding day, but throughout the planning process as a resource who is intimately familiar with the ins and outs of the local industry.

3. How far do you travel to provide your services?

I travel anywhere and everywhere!  I’ve photographed couples in the Caribbean, mid-west, the south, new york city and all over New England from the coast to the mountains.  Travel is something very special to me, and I welcome the chance to go somewhere new any chance I get. I’m hoping to shoot more weddings outside the US, and would love the opportunity to do more of that!

4. What is the key advice you give to those being photographed?

The key advice I give my clients is to just simply focus on each other, and forget I’m there. This is a special time in their lives, and this day is about the two of them.  Let everything else blur away, and just stay razor focused on what the day is really all about – celebrating their marriage.  It doesn’t matter if it rains, if there is a misspelling on their ceremony program, if one bridesmaid’s dress is hemmed to high, or one groomsmen forgot his matching socks. You can’t control everything, but you can control how you react when things inevitably go wrong.  Another big tip I give to all my clients is to consider an unplugged wedding, or wedding ceremony. Having everyone watching with their eyes and really taking it all to heart instead of behind a screen is just so special (and so beautiful to photograph)!


Credit: Ella Iannotti

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