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Compton Clambakes

Who: Compton Clambakes

What: Catering

Where: All over New England!

Whether it be a rehearsal dinner, wedding reception, or just a good ole fashioned summer party, Compton Clambakes provides guests with a delicious experience truly unique to New England! “A clambake is such a New England cultural experience—a new experience for many guests of destination weddings and, for people who live or grew up here, a nostalgic experience,” explains Sara Oliveira.

1. Give us a breakdown of a typical clambake and what the client can expect.

A traditional Compton Clambake starts with a bonfire of local hardwoods and stones.  We use the heat of the fire to get the stones red hot and when the stones are just right, we separate them from the fire.  Then we put a generous layer of freshly harvested seaweed on top of the stones to create steam.  The steam cooks the food to give it that unforgettable authentic clambake flavor that cannot be created by any other method.

2. What are the other services you offers? 

We take care of all of the details so that you don’t have to.  We provide full service catering to handle all of your party needs including tables, chairs, tents, and tent decorations!

3. What are the menu offerings?

Among the traditional clambake offerings, we offer a raw bars stocked with the freshest local oysters, little necks, shrimp, crab legs –  which is a great way to kick off the bake! We also offer clam chowder, stuffed quahogs, clams, mussels, littlenecks, onions, sweet potatoes, regular potatoes, native sweet corn on the cob, brown bread and stuffing, fish, chourico, other sausage, hot dogs, lobsters (the king of the bake!) and for dessert — pies and strawberry shortcake!

4. Are there any size requirements in terms of venue or party?

We can serve anywhere from 20-300 people. From an intimate backyard gathering to an oversized event tent!

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Photography: Corinna Raznikov glam-bake_0008

Photography: Corinna Raznikov glam-bake_0007

Photography: Corinna Raznikov