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Vendors Spotlight on: TRIBE Design + Events

Location: Studio Concord, MA, Servicing Southern New England

Tell us about the history of your company and how it’s transformed:  In 2012, with individual professional backgrounds in advertising, education and art, we came together with a shared mission — create beautiful, custom events while providing our clients with a deeply personalized experience and with that foundation, Blossom Partners was born. The next three years were trial-by-fire with an exponential learning curve. Each notch on our project belt came with a few bruises, but a wealth of new knowledge. Every success, every stumble prompted a slight re-calibration of our approach and, as a result, altered our destination. “We have evolved as a design firm. Experimenting with raw, hand-crafted elements and merging them with purposeful items that can be rented, we are re-imagining the traditional event design process.” Today we are proud to introduce Tribe Design + Events, a full-service design company with a passion for collaborative, innovative and thoughtful event styling and execution.

What  services do you offer?  We offer full service event production ranging from corporate and non-profit events to wedding concierge services. As part of our design process we provide our clients with a comprehensive design portfolio that visually articulates every stylistic detail. Color palettes, typography, personalized details, tabelscape design, paper suites, rental selections, floral recommendations and even personal styling are all included in our creative presentations. Our design and styling portfolios become the framework and blueprint for our events and are always a part of our full service offer. More and more often we have clients coming to us for creative consulting seeking design direction. They leave us with a style portfolio that they are able to share with other vendors and becomes a great keepsake.

What sets you apart from the rest?  We are passionate about our process and product. Honest and authentic relationships are at the core of our unique and collaborative approach to design development. We seek out individuals who share our passion and purpose. By blurring lines between art, design and production we challenge traditional expectations of how events are created and experienced. With careful attention given to both event design and execution, we produce events that are as beautiful as they are seamless. Our handmade pieces are crafted in our studio with materials sourced from around the corner and around the globe. We believe the story matters as much as the product and as a result our work is grounded in history, culturally inspired, and rich in perspective.    

The BLISS team is excited to announce the collaboration with TRIBE Design + Events on their Table Design Series. Throughout the course of the year we will be posting a series of tables, providing you with endless inspiration for your event. We couldn’t be more excited for this unique opportunity to showcase their amazing work in collaboration with our other talented vendors! Below is a teaser of what’s to come of the first table — including an exclusive behind-the-scenes peek!

The design is grounded in Kintsugi – the ancient Japanese ‘art of broken pieces’. The philosophy behind the technique is to recognize the history of the object and to visibly incorporate the repair into the new piece instead of disguising it.  Kintsugi will be demonstrated in ceramics and in textiles on the table — both crafted in our studio. Inspired by Spring 2016 couture textiles, we will be playing with the contrast and juxtaposition of rough-sewn tweeds with delicate silks.  To keep the table grounded and humble, bold prints will be matched with minimalist, natural elements on the table.  Wooden bowls, matte, black flatware.  In every table we design, we aim to mix crafted and sourced materials with items
that can be rented creating the possibility to scale up any design we create.  The photographs were brilliantly captured by one of our favorite photographers, Abby Lorenz.  She always understands and expresses the vision, mood and context of our work and we are very happy to partner with her in this endeavor. For more about Tribe Design + Events visit their website and follow their blog.

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