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5 Details Brides Might Overlook Before The Big Day

Photo Courtesy of Em Devaud Events

Photo Courtesy of Em Devaud Events

Your wedding day is fast approaching and you’re officially in the home stretch. But here’s the problem: It’s easy to lose sleep over details you’re worried you’ll forget in the harried days leading up to saying “I do.” That’s why we caught up with Em Devaud, founder of Em Devaud Events, to discuss the top 5 things brides tend to overlook. As a planner, she once had a bride forget escort cards: “I was only hired to do set up and when I saw she had no escort cards, I set straight to work hand writing 200 cards. Thank goodness for calligraphy training!” Here, her tips.

HAVE FUN! Brides and grooms do such a wonderful job planning and fussing over this event for the pleasure and enjoyment of their friends and family that they often forget that they should enjoy it as well. I always recommend having brides and grooms do a date day or spa day a couple of days before the wedding (where they have to shut the wedding out of their mind) and enjoy the last few moments of being engaged.

BE A HOST, NOT A PLANNER. Similarly to my previous point, I remind my brides and grooms to be the hosts and the center of the party. Don’t worry if the linens and vendors arrived on time. Leave that to your wedding planner or event coordinator.

ATTENTION GROOMSMEN, MAKE SURE THEY PROPERLY TAILOR THEIR TUX/SUIT. This might seem like a no-brainer, but some gentlemen do not get their attire properly fitted for the wedding and boy does it make a difference. No “penguin pants” on my watch! (AKA, when the crotch of the pants is a little saggy on men’s pants.)

ATTENTION BRIDESMAIDS, MAKE SURE THEY KNOW THE SCHEDULE. I always provide my bridal parties (both bridesmaids and groomsmen) with a one-page “cheat sheet” on the itinerary of the wedding weekend so they know where they need to be and when. For the bridesmaids, this includes the hair and make-up schedule. If a bridesmaid has a schedule issue (if they are breastfeeding or have difficult-to-manage hair for stylists or can’t wake up before 10 a.m., etc.), they should inform the planner or coordinator to reschedule as needed.

PREPARE YOUR SPEECHES. Though I have seen some beautifully spoken “off the cuff” speeches, I have seen more speeches that are incoherent, uncoordinated and downright terrible. Whether you are the FOB giving a welcome to the guests, the bride and groom saying a quick thank you, or the best man and maid of honor performing this formality, prepare your speech ahead of time, practice, practice, practice and try to memorize it as best you can. If you can memorize it, that’s OK — but it’s absolutely appropriate to use small note cards. Just please no reading off of cell phones!