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5 Reasons to Hire a Videographer for Your Wedding

A drone capturing video of a wedding. Photo Courtesy of Artistic Wedding Films

Photo Courtesy of Artistic Wedding Films

Budgeting for your wedding day can be a challenge. So many times, brides hem and haw over what to keep and what to cut from their list of expenditures. Photography is one of the few expenses that just isn’t optional. But what about a videographer? We caught up with F. Mike Henriques, artistic director and lead filmmaker over at Artistic Wedding Films, to find out the top 5 reasons a wedding videographer is essential to your big day.

Film is the best way to re-live your wedding day. Your day will go by so quickly. Seeing portions of your day that you were not present for like the bride and groom preparation, cocktail hour and wedding party introductions that you may have missed is an incredible keepsake and so fun.

Don’t think of videography as the long, boring videos of years past. Wedding videography has evolved. Videos are creative, story-based short films that will evoke the emotions you felt on your wedding day. They act as a time machine to bring you back to your day. Your photographs will remind you of the special moments, but the film allows you to re-live that moment again.

Technology has also advanced. The quality of the cameras, the audio equipment and the overall footage is going to rival what is being produced in a Hollywood movie or quality TV programming.

Photo Courtesy of Artistic Wedding Films

Photo Courtesy of Artistic Wedding Films

You get to choose from a ton of special effects. Options like same day edits, time-lapse video and aerial cinematography allow us to enhance the production value of a wedding film. It’s going to look amazing, especially when it’s produced well.

Weddings are a pretty big moment in your life. Think of it this way — it’s not often that your family and friends will gather this way in the same room. Aging family members are closer to not being with us and it’s a fantastic way to memorialize these special people.

For a sample video from Artistic Wedding Films, click the link here.