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Vendor Spotlight: Ryan Designs

glam-bake_0024 glam-bake_0019Photos courtesy of Corinna Raznikov Photography

Name: Ryan Designs

Location: Narragansett, Rhode Island

Tell us a little bit about the history of your company. When did it open and how has it evolved over the years? Erik and I launched Ryan Designs in January of 2009, shortly after getting married and going through the wedding planning process. We realized there was an opportunity to provide people with creative, personalized event décor and a high level of professionalism and customer service. As third generation entrepreneurs, it was simply in our blood to have our own business, so we developed a plan and got to work.

Over the last seven years Ryan Designs has grown to become the leading décor and lighting company in the northeast. With a talented team, numerous vehicles, a sprawling warehouse, design studio, luxury products and white-glove service, we have the ability to produce sophisticated, unique events of all kinds that reflect our client’s vision, taste and style. We started with 20 total events the first year and this year we will complete over 200 individual events . But with every event, our goal is still the same: beautiful products, excellent service, fair price.

Photo Courtesy of Ryan Designs.

Photo Courtesy of Ryan Designs.

Can you give us a brief overview of the company and the services you offer? Ryan Designs is a boutique décor and lighting company specializing in weddings, celebrations and corporate events. We are best known for our spatial transformations. We can take just about any raw space — such as a tent, barn, or loft — and turn it into a sophisticated, creative event that reflects our clients’ vision. We do this through four areas of expertise: decorative lighting, fabric draping, event furnishings, and custom designed products. For example:

• Proper lighting is essential to any event. Chandeliers, pendant lights, bistro lights, rice paper lanterns, twinkle lights and candlelight are just a few examples of the types of decorative light fixtures we can use to create the perfect atmosphere for your event. Our lighting is professionally installed and dimmer controlled.

• Fabric treatments such as draped ceilings, swags, side panels, and custom textiles add warmth and visual interest to your event space. Fabric can soften and conceal unsightly structures or add texture, elegance and dimension. Our high quality fabric is always fresh and flame retardant certified.

• Event furnishings provide comfortable seating areas for you and your guests. We use flexible and sophisticated pieces so that your floor plan is completely unique. At Ryan Designs, we take extra steps to make sure our event furnishings are impeccable. We reupholster all our sofas, chairs and ottomans before every event, we de-lint them on-site, and we adorn them with gorgeous throw pillows of only the finest fabrics.

• Custom designed products really make the difference when it comes to personalizing your event space. Ryan Designs creates custom products such as dining tables, coffee tables, arbors, chuppahs, divider walls, bars, props, light fixtures, signage, linens and textiles, etc… The sky is the limit!

boho-chic_0005Photo courtesy of Corinna Raznikov Photography

What is your busy season? Our event season typically goes from the end of April through the holidays — but the true madness happens between May and September!

In addition to weddings, what other types of events do you work on? Corporate events, college events, non-profits events, birthday parties, religious celebrations, anniversaries, you name it! If you want to celebrate something, we can help you take it to the next level!

What makes the services you offer so special and unique? I think it all goes back to our company goals: beautiful products, excellent service, fair price. But in addition to that, there are two main things:

1) Our Staff: Our staff is the core of Ryan Designs — they are truly awesome! They are professional, kind, hard-working, respectful, dynamic and multi-disciplined. Our creative, talented team of event managers, artists, drapers, crafters, sewers, fabricators and technicians can produce just about anything you can imagine. Ryan Designs could not exist without them and the majority of our team has been with us from the start.

2) Our “Go-Team” attitude: We benefit from the kind words and referrals from many of our vendor friends — and the biggest way we can say thank you is by making them feel good about that referral (i.e., do a great job and do it with a smile). When we are on site, it is team work all the way… within our own organization, with other vendors, and with our clients. Team work creates a better event and it makes the process a lot more fun! This industry can be fairly ego-centric and we just do not subscribe to that. Period.

Do you have any advice or recommendations for brides that may be considering hiring an event designer? This is always a tough one! But I think it’s good to have an idea of budget and a general sense about the look you want to achieve, while being open-minded. Also, as the saying goes “It takes a village”. Make sure your “village” is made up of the best professionals that you can find. Do your research and ask around. Try to find the vendors that you connect with. If the vendors know and like each other, even better!

What is the mission or business motto that Ryan Designs functions under? Beautiful products, excellent service, fair price. And be a team player!

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