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5 Questions for Bella Bridesmaids

Courtesy Bella Bridesmaids

Courtesy Bella Bridesmaids

So, you’ve picked out your wedding dress (congrats!), but you still have yet to decide exactly what your bridesmaids will wear. It’s a harder decision than you think. That’s why we’re deferring to the experts: Madison and Maribeth, both stylists over at Bella Bridesmaids in Westport, Connecticut. We asked them about the biggest challenges of finding the perfect dress for your bridesmaids–and how to get walk away from the shopping experience getting exactly what you want.

What is your best advice for helping a bride successfully pick out her bridesmaid dresses? The most important thing to keep in mind is your bridesmaids’ body types. A dress that you’ve fallen in love with might not look great on their figure. Also, keep in mind the variety of body types. If you have a wide variety, it’s usually best to let each maid choose a style they’re comfortable in. Regarding color, choose what you love, and don’t let any “rule” sway you! If you have dreamed of eggplant your whole life, go for it, even if you’re getting married in July. Also, black is OK, and if you love the flattering, chic look, go for that, too!

Is it a good idea to bring everyone in your bridal party with you when you shop? We recommend coming to your first appointment with one or two people who will be honest with you, but will also support you and your opinions. Bringing all of your bridesmaids at once can be very overwhelming, and detracts from the excitement if someone’s opinion isn’t the same as yours. You don’t want too many cooks in the kitchen!

Is there a trick to making everyone in your bridal party happy? Unless you let every bridesmaid choose their own dress, it is unlikely you will please everyone 100%. Even letting some choose can ruffle some feathers! Some bridesmaids do just want to be told what to wear. Be as gracious as possible throughout the process, and your bridesmaids will be grateful for that.

How can a bride balance her dress preferences with her bridesmaids’ personal style? We don’t often stress a bridesmaid’s personal style as a consideration when choosing the dress. If they’ve agreed to be your bridesmaid, they’ve agreed to wear what you want. The best way to show off a bridesmaid’s individual style is to let them choose their own jewelry and hair style. Personal vibes come out subtly that way, but still give the bride the overall look she wants.​

What are some top trends you’re seeing with bridesmaid dresses? We are starting to see a lot more brides looking for sparkles, beads and sequins mixed in with solid colors. The color palette look, where each bridesmaid wears a different, but complimentary color, is also very popular and GORGEOUS!​