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Bliss Celebrations Guide

Gold and Fuchsia Color Theory

Traditional Indian nuptials are made modern with a gold and fuchsia color theory. Forgoing the standard mandap, Shefali and Dinesh decided to go in a more contemporary direction with their overall design. Gregory Costa Saint-John of Flou(-e)r designed a modern mandap made of gold manzanita trees. The breathtaking display paired perfectly with the gold and fuchsia saree the bride wore.

The color theory was carried through every detail of the night including the candy table designed by event planner, Alexis Eliopoulos O’Mara of Unique Weddings By Alexis. Lollipops, sour gummy candy, and chocolate truffles in all shades of pink & gold added depth to the color story and were a fun treat for all in attendance.

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