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Tips for Planning a City Wedding

Courtesy of The Charles Hotel

Courtesy of The Charles Hotel










Are you a city slicker with hopes of tying the knot in the concrete jungle? We don’t blame you! Nothing adds more panache than setting your wedding smack in the middle of a metropolis. Unfortunately though, city chaos can sometimes seep into your wedding plans, leading to unnecessary stress.

We spoke to Sarah E. German, Senior Catering Sales Manager of The Charles Hotel, which is situated in bustling Harvard Square in Cambridge, MA. She was able to serve up some great advice for brides hoping to coordinate a cosmopolitan affair while keeping her sanity in tact.

Sarah’s best tip is one that stems from convenience: stick to one venue! This is the most practical option for so many reasons:

  • It’s usually very easily accessible if it’s in or near a major city. Your traveling guests will thank you when they learn they won’t need to fly then train it and then hop on a donkey to reach you!
  • Most large hotels in cities are equipped with tons of amenities, like gyms, bars, and restaurants (The Charles Hotel has two!). You won’t need to entertain guests all day—they can simply stroll around the property and find something to keep them busy.
  • Traffic is notoriously bad in urban environments. Guests won’t need to jump around from location to location and run the risk of missing a special moment since your reception and ceremony will hopefully be in the same building!
  • Speaking of driving—because most guests will be staying at the hotel, they will be able to enjoy that open bar and not have to worry about getting home. For those guests who aren’t traveling but live close-by, large cities typically have round-the-clock cabs that can whisk them back home in a jiffy.
  • Planning details are much more streamlined and costs are bundled when they’re in a single venue. For example, Sarah points out that at The Charles Hotel, you wouldn’t need to worry about finding a catering company or event rental vendor. Everything’s already in-house!

Sarah also gave these three small pointers that will help in big ways for the big day in your urban oasis:

  • If most of your guests are traveling to your wedding, make sure you book at least a year in advance so you can give them time to prepare and make accommodations.
  • When you do move forward and book a hotel, keep in mind the time of year. A Red Sox game or city-wide conference means rooms may book up faster.
  • You may want to look into partnering with your hotel’s concierge service to plan out an itinerary and make sure your guests have plenty of exciting activities listed in advance to keep them busy.