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5 Wedding Invitation Styles Made Perfect

We can’t get enough of beautiful wedding stationery here at Bliss Celebrations Guide, and who can blame us? They’re the first visual glimpse of what your wedding guests can expect to see and experience on your big day! An effective invitation suite builds the excitement by establishing a clear concept with an artful and eye-catching design approach. Emily Hostetler, founder and lead designer of  Paper Moss, walked us through a few different styles she’s created for clients and explained why each one works well.



Emily states this universal truth for wedding invitations: you can’t go wrong with a classic black and white combination to emphasize the formality of your wedding. Sarah and Mike’s invitation suite above perfectly epitomizes the traditional ideal with its neutral color palette, custom calligraphy monogram, and metallic detail to amplify the elegance. The couple incorporated stripes into their design, though, for a special twist that keeps their invites from looking too stuffy.



Garden-themed paper goods often run the risk of looking kitschy, but Cindy and Chris’s invitations are an exception. Emily explains that their use of a single vivid color is integral to the successful beauty of the design—a black and white treatment simply wouldn’t feel as fun and relaxed. The etched flowers make the botanical motif clear, but the font’s whimsical treatment and hand-drawn map really accentuate it.



Modern but quirky invitations are a refreshing spin for weddings, but it’s an aesthetic that can look busy if it’s not done carefully, warns Emily. Every detail included needs to intentional, so striving for minimalism is key. The distinct design of Marah and Dan’s invitations relies almost solely on the different font styles inscribed on a modern day layout versus the typical centered script.



For the coastal-minded folk among us, a nautical theme is the obvious way to go. Laura and Chris were able to convey their love for all things maritime in an understated fashion, avoiding huge anchors or prominent stripes, and opting for dainty pennants in the universal navy and white color anthem of sea. Familiar but subtle icons representative of the ocean inhibited any potential cheese-factor here.



It’s hard to ignore the rising vintage trend in wedding design, and Emily was able to capture the style elegantly in Christine and Jim’s invitation suite, while still retaining its trademark quaint charm and casual feel. Touches like the lace pattern, hand-drawn rustic farm animals, and craft paper envelope are elevated by the delicate calligraphy to strike the perfect balance between ornate and homely.