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Reader Inspiration: Pink + Orange + Aqua Harvest Birthday

It was a rough week up here in New England.  We wanted to give respect and not be posting about prettiness and fun when there was a manhunt happening in our city.  So now, we feel like we can breathe a little easier, and we hope that continuing to provide inspiration lets us all know that there is so much to celebrate.  

That said, we asked on our facebook page last week for some reader suggestions on inspiration boards.  Our reader Carli is having a birthday bash in October for her two-year-old at a pumpkin patch and wanted some fun ideas that weren't completely Halloween using Orange, Pink, and Aqua.  We think this can be totally fun and accomplished by using not only a play on the pumpkins for orange, but also totally un-expected elements like bright mixes of patterns and some fun and cherry flowers.  Here is what we came up with:

Clockwise from top left:  A bright chevron bag hold a cute letterpressed invitation in the party's signature colors with a few pieces of sweetness thrown in for good measure | A bold orange linen from Table Toppers would be great for lining the table or if you are doing a dessert or food station. | Doing a low-to-the-ground table and lots of pillows (OR HOW ABOUT HAY BALES?) to sit on keeps the little ones able to sit on their own without the worry of knocking over chairs. Mixing patterns like bright stripes, florals, and adding a few oranges (maybe sub for mini-pumpkins or gords?)  and brighter pink flowers takes the look to an eclectic mix of fun and style. | An all aqua cake against a background of bright pink balloons makes for one pretty photo-op. | Use the pumpkins for things like drink coolers! The bright orange will blend right in! | A mocktail punch like this one will keep the little ones hydrated while they pick their own pumpkins. | If you are having a tent or overhang, typing up some orange lanterns like these with bright pink ribbon will add a little elegance to any size canopy. | Keep your eye out for aqua vases and mixing up the sizes with some carnations (instead of the peonies that won't be in season) will give you the same frilly look. | Bring it all together in your invitation or menu.  These patterned pumpkin mix invites are perfect for the party we imagined.

Reader Inspiration: Pink + Orange + Aqua Harvest Birthday