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Windy City Wedding by Michele Mottola


Event Consultant Michele Mottola's sister wanted a small, chic and contemporary Chicago wedding, and that is just what Michele created- a hip and stylish wedding at the W Hotel in the windy city, with a color palette of black, deep red and white, and heavy on the texture.

Michele started with an inspiration board to get the planning off the ground.  She says, "This event was for my sister so she was a tough critic and needed this on a budget. This was the bride's second marriage who strays on the side of edgy and the groom's third marriage who is a chief in the Army and had to deploy 2 months after the wedding and was game to give the bride anything she wanted… so we could stray from the traditional blueprint to say the least."

​Since texture was a big part of the look, Michele paid careful attention to mixing feathers with fur and lush flowers to create a luxe look.  She states, "Rich looking accents that tied this look of chic- edginess together were throw pillows of Mohair, studded leather and silk and different textures of  rhinestone, fur, ostrich plumes, faux crocodile skin, and even an elephant tusk were all used as props for the low coffee tables used in the vignettes around the dance floor. "

​Michele goes on to discuss the flowers and floor plan: "Her bouquet was composed of black magic roses, deep wine calla lilies accenting with black feather tips around the perimeter. The two focal arrangements are provided to flank the entrance as guests walk in composed of similar flowers as the bouquet placed in tall shapely black vessels on 3' mirrored pedestals.  This kind of layout was appreciated by this "more experienced" wedding couple. It allows them to mix and mingle with their guests and use all of the space that the room had to offer. Kids were a welcomed guest at this event so I created a much needed kids lounge adjacent to the room that had fast food snacks, juice boxes, (no candy- sugar would be bad!!) games and soft furniture to keep them amused so the parents could party. They ended the night with grooms favorite snack- McDonalds cheeseburgers and a large fry (an Army favorite)!"

And thinking about a cocktail reception?  It's the perfect way to have guests mingle and dance the night away.  Michele states, " By utilizing the hotel's white leather furniture for 90% off the seating and sprinkling in a few high tops we were able to have an inexpensive foundation to our cocktail party. Twelve different kinds of small plate hors d'oeuvres passed throughout a 3 hour period put a large part of our budget into food and beverage-which there was plenty of. While the  hidden DJ played dance songs all night the guests gathered on the shiny black dance floor with the couples monogram front and center (which later because matching tattoos for the couple)."

​Thank you for sharing this intimate wedding with us, Michele!  To see more, visit Photographer Jay Crihfield's blog HERE.

Here is Michele herself toasting to her beautiful sister and her new husband:





Windy City Wedding by Michele Mottola