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07.07.11 ~ Sample Sale Shopping with The White Dress By The Shore

Beth Chapman, owner of The White Dress By The Shore in Clinton, Connecticut, shares with us her tips on shopping a sample sale. If you are looking for a gown from Jude Waddell or any of the Priscilla of Boston designs (including Melissa Sweet, Reverie, Vineyard Collection, Jewel and Priscilla of Boston) you are in luck because these designs will be available at great discounts, even including some 2011 styles!

The sale is on July 16th from 9-3 , first come, first serve.

Here are Beth’s tips for a successful sample sale shopping experience:

1. Experienced Shoppers Only
Samples sales are not recommended for brides who have not shopped for gowns before. The point of a sample sale is to find the gown of your dreams at a bargain price! If you have never tried on gowns before, it is not possible to know what silhouette will flatter your figure. Sample sales are often overwhelming. Your first bridal shopping experience should be relaxed and shared with those closest to you. We highly recommend a regular appointment for first time shoppers.

2. Sample Sizes Are Not Universal
Generally sample sizes are 8′s and 10′s and are made for a B cup. If you are under 5’5 or over 5″11 and are larger than a C cup, it is not recommended that you shop at a sample sale. We are able to customize our full price gowns for our brides to accommodate all shapes and sizes. If you are petite, well -endowed or have some other specific size requirement, it is recommended that you schedule an appointment during our regular business hours.
We do have a limited selection of gowns over a size 10 available at the sale. Check the sample sale page of the website for availability.

3. Bring Your Decision Makers
Samples sales are for serious shoppers and those brides that are ready to buy! During a sample sale, you will need to make a decision very quickly. It is recommended that you bring 1-2 individuals whose opinions matter to you the most and who can aid you in selecting your perfect gown.

4. Do Your Research
An educated bride is our favorite bride! Before coming to the sale, be sure that you have tried on gowns and know what specific silhouettes and details flatter you. Check out our website and have a list of those gowns that you would like to try on. Please note that not all sale gowns are listed on the site. Research our designers and knows which ones you will target first.

5. Temper Your Expectiations
Sample sales are very different from the usual White Dress by the shore experience. If you do not like crowds, do not like waiting and do not like changing in front of others, we recommend that you schedule an appointment with us during our regular business hours.
The sample sale on the 16th is first come, first serve. No appointments will be taken that day. Only a limited number of brides can be let into the store at one time, so some waiting may be required. We will do our best to make your experience as fun as possible! It is recommended that you bring a strapless bra and heels with you to the sale.

photo by Carla Ten Eyck

07.07.11 ~ Sample Sale Shopping with The White Dress By The Shore