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In Bloom

05.4.11~ Hooray it’s May!

May is a time when we truly celebrate everything that those pesky April showers make possible, notably the arrival of the fabulous, yet fleeting Lily of the Valley. The official May flower, they are the precursor to what seems like an instantaneous reawakening of all things botanical that immediately follows their arrival . Delicate and dainty looking, these little pips are actually pretty tenacious perennials, a well known fact if you have ever enjoyed them in your garden and experienced their unruly nature first hand.

These sweet little flowers represent the return of happiness, purity of heart, humility, trustworthiness and love’s good fortune so it is no wonder that they are a coveted spring wedding flower and the bloom of choice for a most royal of weddings as the star of Princess Catherine’s charming bouquet. But like all good things they come to an end quickly, departing almost as fast as they arrive, so today we celebrate these lovely little woodland bells as they ring out a May Day reminder that happiness has returned and so too will summer!

05.4.11~ Hooray it's May!